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The Law Offices of Derek Sean Tucker, Esq. is a general practice law firm offering services in multiple practice areas.  We are located in Woodland Hills, CA.  Since opening in 2011, we have strived to provide each and every client with the excellent quality of service they expect and deserve.

While other firms may offer similar services, our services come with a personal touch that sets us apart from the competition.

Tucker Law is:

Trustworthy:  We strongly believe that the most important value in any relationship is trust.  That is why we work extremely hard to build a lasting trust-based relationship with all of our clients.
Uncompromising:  Nothing comes before our clients' best interest-- Period.
Committed:  We are 100% committed to our clients, their interests, and the values that we espouse on this website.
Knowledgeable:  Our years of professional and legal training and experience enable us to fight hard to bring your legal matter to a favorable conclusion.  Rest assured that we will utilize all of the knowledge and resources available to us to protect and/or advance your legal interests.
Efficient:  Your time is just as precious if not more so than ours.  That is why we work diligently to bring your matter to a close as swiftly as possible, given the circumstances surrounding your particular situation.
Reasonable:  Our rates for services are extremely competitive; however, because we place such a high premium on our commitment to customer service, you will never have to worry that you are sacrificing quality for quantity-- Our values simply will not allow us to provide you with anything less than the absolute best!
IMPORTANT:  The information contained on this website is strictly for ADVERTISEMENT/INFORMATIONAL purposes.  No information on this website is to be construed as legal advice, nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.
Derek Sean Tucker, Esq.